Bio 301D Opinion Survey


1) Smoking increases lung cancer rates.


2) Irradiated foods contain residual radiation that is a health risk.


3) Vaccinations reduce a person’s risk of getting a disease (e.g., polio, flu).



4) Penicillin kills viruses.


5) Penicillin kills bacteria.


6) Drunk driving increases car accident rates.


7) DNA typing of a person committing a serious crime (e.g., rape) is at least 99% reliable.


8) Eye witness identification of someone committing a serious crime (e.g., rape) is at least 99% reliable.


9) Sherlock Holmes was fictional (never lived).


10) The vast majority of plants found in nature are safe to eat and do not produce harmful substances for us. 


11) The earth revolves around the sun.


12) The earth is largely spherical, not flat.


13) The earth is several billion years old.


14) Man and other mammals (e.g., apes) evolved from a common ancestor.


15) Your chance of winning a random lottery with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 is less than with 9,17, 22, 27, 39.


16) The scientific review process ensures that most conclusions published in scientific journals are true.


17) There is a higher crime rate (and other types of bad behavior) during full moons.


18) Humans have been artificially cloned.


19) Extra-terrestrial aliens have landed on earth.


20) Governments have concealed evidence that extra-terrestrial aliens have been here.


21) The AIDS virus was deliberately created by labs through genetic engineering.


22) Astrology predictions provide insight to your future.


23) Science will eventually be able to prove or disprove the existence of God.

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