CORS 236: Science for non-scientists

A University of Idaho course to satisfy STEM requirements

Make your own informed decisions from the evidence. Avoid having to let others make your decisions

Schedule (Spring 2021)

  • The topics after Break will start with hidden variables, then go into controls and experiments.
  • options to be used on a correlation/causation question
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  • See syllabus for class calendar plus items listed below
  • HW3 deadline has been delayed a week until 13 April
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  • Homework 3 help session announced later
  • For Friday, you should take ‘Day 1 survey’ and watch the pre-lecture video denoted ‘SM_basics’ both on BbLearn. Some of you have done the survey, so it’s working.
  • Exam Q&A session (not a review; bring questions) 2:00 LSS 277 Monday
  • HW1 (due 10 Feb; template & instructions at the top of this page under Homework. Upload your completed HW template to the Homework 1 column in BbLearn. Any other form of submission will lose 5 points.)